The Controversy Over Power Balance Bracelets

Power Balance Bracelets

The power balance bracelet has spurred a great deal of controversy over the years. Some wearers firmly believe in the power of the holographic technology, while others say the bands are ineffective. From their inception in 2006, balance bracelets have been the subject of many research projects, and a source of debate and contention among supporters and opponents.


Balance bracelets contain a hologram, which is actually a 3-dimensional image crafted with Eastern philosophies in mind. It’s said to have the ability to increase athleticism, balance and agility in some wearers, although manufacturers say the bands don’t work for everyone.

Eastern Philosophies

Eastern philosophies say the body contains a variety of opposing energies that are responsible for a person’s health and well-being. Acupuncture, feng shui, and similar practices operate under this concept. When the energies are out of balance, a person’s health can suffer and depression, fatigue or illness may result.

Celebrity endorsements and a growing number of athletes have brought balance bracelets into the spotlight. And that might have convinced some people to give them a whirl. But many people who evaluated them with intrigue have become steadfast believers in the bracelet.

Still others say that any results the wearers have seen are merely the product of a placebo effect. The mind is a powerful tool, so those who believe in the bracelet’s ability might indeed have a positive experience based solely on that belief.

What Does Research Say?

The holographic bracelets have been extensively studied. Well-known athletes claim the bracelets give them an edge, but there’s no science behind the testimonials. Various researchers have tested the products.

There’s no shortage of studies that measure the performance of the balance bands. But while one study shows measurable improvement among test subjects, another shows no improvement at all. Among the most recent studies was a double-blind test performed on an obstacle course by sixteen volunteers, including former Olympic gymnast Dominique Dawes.

The volunteers wore silicone bracelets that were covered with tape so that neither they nor their testers knew who was wearing the real thing. The balance bracelets had no discernable effect when the wearer did not know whether he or she was wearing one with a hologram. “The bracelet itself did not seem to be doing anything,” said the report, which appears in The Skeptical Inquirer.

Positive results were only attributed to the wearer’s own belief in the power of the bands, or what’s called the placebo effect.

Most people know that confidence is a crucial factor in a person’s success or failure. Whether the holographic bracelets work by balancing energies or boosting energies matters little to those who wear them.

If you’re looking for a product to believe in and aren’t ready to invest in a balance bracelet, look no further than a quality custom band from Direct Wristbands! With your power phrase or logo, they’re sure to inspire you to greatness – no hologram needed!

Fasionable and Fun Accessories

Fashionable and Fun Accessories

Custom silicone wristbands are a fashionable and fun accessories. They’re not glamorous, but that’s why they appeal to wearers of every age and gender. So what makes these basic bands so special? Here are some reasons.

Why Basic is Best

Fashion gurus say the little black dress is a woman’s best fashion tool. Those simply cut cocktail dresses are an essential to every female wardrobe. When she doesn’t know what to wear, she always has that flattering go-to garment. Because the dresses are basic, they don’t overpower any accessories. She can be modest or magnificent in a plain black dress. Creative women learn to pair their dresses with chain belts, funky jewelry, elegant wraps, and any item that will change the tone of the garment to match the occasion.

Throughout the 1960s, Audrey Hepburn wore a black dress gracefully with a string of white pearls around her neck. In 2006, the dress sold at auction for $410,000. Celebrities and soccer moms are still wearing that same style of basic black dress.

Silicone wristbands are the little black dresses of the bracelet world. They’re comfortable, versatile, affordable and accessible.


Like those basic black dresses, silicone bands can be customized to suit the occasion, though not with jewels or fur. A snappy statement, company logo, band name or marketing message make any ordinary rubber bracelet a distinctive piece.

At a time when custom fashion is the best kind, wristbands are the ideal accessory. They help us express ourselves, and they make great gifts too! Here are some of the ways people use wristbands for special occasions.

  • Birthday party favors
  • Anniversaries
  • Marketing and promotional product giveaways
  • School spirit
  • Concerts and carnivals
  • Business branding
  • Graduation
  • Congratulations
  • Raising awareness for a cause

These are just a few of the fashionable and fun accessories functions of a silicone wristband. But they aren’t the only reasons people love to wear those sleek and colorful bands.


Today’s teens and young adults are wristband fans, but many older adults enjoy them for another reason – nostalgia. In the1980s, jelly bracelets and hot pink hair were the rage. Everyone from punk band members to young girls in leg warmers and acid washed jeans wore them. They wore the slinky bands by the dozen, mixing neon colors with the glitter flecked variety. The grunge crowd wore only black bands, staying true to their dark demeanor.

Those bracelets were, as they are today, casual, comfortable and cool. Although they’ve evolved with time, becoming more durable. Silicone bands have also gotten wider and more distinctive. Modern printing and debossing machines give people creative control over their wristbands. Still, they elicit the same response when people of that ‘80s generation see them. There’s a sense of excitement, a hint of reminiscence. It’s nice to know that some things never go out of style!

To sum it up, silicone bracelets are the basic bands that are far from bland!

Fundraising Wristbands for Athletic Teams

Team Wristbands Boost Both Team Spirit and Funds!

As the mother of a child who has trained in gymnastics for over 10 years, I’m always trying to find creative ways to show support to my daughter and her teammates. Gymnasts from all over the Southeast travel to various meets to compete. I always see the trendiest accessories.

At one recent meet, I noticed the girls from an out-of state gym all had matching team wristbands. I took a moment to chat with their coach and found out that they are actually really inexpensive. What a great idea for a fundraiser!

At our next parents’ meeting I brought up the idea. What if we purchased several hundred up front, then sold them for $3.00 a piece? They could be sold to our gymnasts, parents, friends, family members, and even at the various meets.

With the flexibility in design options, it would be possible to go with something such as “Peace. Love. Gym.” with our team’s website wrapped around the back side. I told the group that if we didn’t sell them all, we could always give the rest away. It’d still the cheapest form of advertising we’d do all year! Worst case scenario, I proposed that we’d break even, but I really felt strongly that these team wristbands would be fun and inexpensive enough to sell well.

By the end of the year we’d be able to use the money raised to cover the cost of food and supplies for our end of the year bash. Goodness knows I am a fan of trendy jewelry and free fun.

I suggested that the other parents visit Direct Wristbands located here, to get a better idea of what I was talking about. Everyone seemed really excited about the idea. There were several suggestions about how they should look, so I am positive we’ll move forward with this fundraising idea. We vote on the final design at next week’s parents’ meeting. I’m so excited to see all the girls show up at their next meet sporting their very own team wristbands. I know the wristbands will surely boost the team’s morale, and more importantly, our budget!

Bracelets for a Cause

Bracelets For A Cause Offer Unique Possibilities In July

Bracelets for a cause are efficient tools for promoting social awareness. They are everywhere these days, and sometimes it’s difficult for those wishing to contribute to civilization to find a unique cause to promote. But as I’ve written before, there is never a lack of engaging causes for any month of the year.

That certainly includes the hot days of July.

The one for July that will surely give pause to many is Stay Out of the Sun Month. After all, isn’t this first full month of summer the ideal time to be outdoors as much as possible? But in the more sober shades of reason, it does make perfect sense. People tend to overdo their exposure to sunlight in their eagerness for a tan or leisurely activity. It can be downright dangerous. So it’s not a bad cause to keep in mind.

But many people might not have to worry about the sun because July also includes National Workaholics Day. Americans are surely overworked in these tentative economic times, but many simply overextend their professional careers. Maybe this cause is just a reminder to make plans for August, before summer and sun start losing their brightness.

Maybe that’s why July also houses National Video Game Day. This day is a noble reminder for individuals spending too much time in the pixelated sun of “Halo” or “The Sims.” Gamers need to get out into the authentic daylight, along with the workaholics, and enjoy a bit of fresh air. But both demographics should certainly be careful of too much sun and heat. Maybe these social causes in July have a method to their madness.

But to video gamers and workaholics, let it be known that in July we honor National Nude Day. While you’re rubbing your eyes after leaving the office or prying yourself from the console, what you see outside might not be an illusion. Let’s hope those fighting for their rights to wear their birthday suits have plenty of suntan lotion.

Nobody really knows the origins of National Nude Day, but it appears it started with Adam and Eve, and involved apples, snakes, and sadly, no suntan lotion. The exact day is July 14, in case you wanted to know. I’m confident this date will be instantly remembered by many.

But no month is complete without culinary awareness. In the month of July, we have National Ice Cream Day, National Caviar Day, National Hot Dog Day, National Cheesecake Day, and National Lasagna Day. Caviar seems a rather odd participant, but certainly worthy to many with higher palates. To complement all these festive feast causes, July does have National Hammock Day on July 22. It’s at the end of the month, but not too far along in order to allow some time for digestion.

If you need to some exercise to burn off all that grub, don’t forget about Amelia Earhart Day on July 24. Legends still abound concerning the fate of Earhart, who vanished in her plane while attempting to fly around the globe. Maybe you can be the one to find her! If your hammock is calling you from the distance, just commandeer a group of video gamers and workaholics standing around the park, not really knowing what to do outdoors. Hand them some bracelets and send them on their way. Let them know not to bother searching any nudists.

With these noble community issues as your examples, you will have no problem finding ideas for any bracelets for a cause, or at the very least enjoy July and its eccentric merriments. Either way, don’t forget your suntan lotion.

Custom Wristbands and Super Heros

Of Custom Wristbands and Role Models

I once asked my sister how to make your own custom wristbands, a school project for my daughter in mind. I was surprised that my usually sober and rational sibling went on a tangent about Wonder Woman, stressing that she should be an influential figure in every young girl’s life.

At first I found this declaration rather odd, thinking of Lynda Carter in a skimpy outfit. But I had to admit to myself that Wonder Woman’s very cool bracelets are often made into wristbands that become very popular. My sister carried on, teaching me the intriguing history of this superhero.

Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston. Her original name was Princess Diana. She was a member of a supernatural race of females called Amazons that existed apart from mere human beings, in some hidden island. It should be noted that Marston also contributed to the invention of the polygraph, which sheds complete light on Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth.

Wonder Woman was basically the female answer to Superman. Some biographers contend it was Marston’s wife who guided him to create this legendary crime fighter. Wonder Woman made her first appearance in December 1941, in All-Star Comics #8.

Initially, Wonder Woman was an Amazon champion who won the right to return Steve Trevor — a United States officer who became stranded on the Amazons’ island — to fight crime and the Nazis in his world. Her origin story was later rebooted to increase her Greek mythological roots. She was blessed by the gods, owning many of their famed attributes. In the 21st century, Wonder Woman was rebooted yet again, making her a demigod, the natural-born daughter of Zeus.

Obviously, Wonder Woman didn’t rely just on her divine talents, having her own arsenal of cool gadgets. Her signature weapons were her indestructible bracelets and the Lasso of Truth. In the television show, the bulletproof material the bracelets were formed of was called “Feminum.” In the comic books, it was called “Amazonium.”

Wonder Woman’s spinning into costume was also solely a television attribute (I asked my sister about this, again thinking of Lynda Carter). Originally, Wonder Woman would spin her lasso around herself in the comic books to change costumes. Beyond her magical armaments, she used plenty of human tools in her long-standing battle against evil.

Not all of Wonder Woman’s skills were acquired in the Amazon domain. She learned martial arts from a mysterious teacher named I Ching, for example. At one point in the 1970s, Wonder Woman gave up her superpowers to stay in “Man’s World,” becoming more of an action spy (no less villain butt was kicked during that period). This was likely as a reaction to the period in the 1960s where Wonder Woman’s powers were augmented to the point she had super-breath.

Wonder Woman is still the most recognizable and best-selling female comic book hero. Her costume is still the most popular superhero one worn by “woman mortals” during Halloween.

But what about Lynda Carter? I kept asking.

After a 1975 two-hour special on ABC, “Wonder Woman” was quickly made into a celebrated series. The show went on for two years, including one that starred Debra Winger as Diana’s younger sister. The show moved to CBS, with a new look and more modern problems, and lasted another year. The world is still waiting for Wonder Woman’s next incarnation, in either television or film.

After the conversation with my sister, I certainly decided that Wonder Woman should be a part of my daughter’s life, even as a role model. How funny that all this happened because I asked her how to make your own wristbands. I’ll tell you the story someday of what happened next when I asked my sister how to make your own lanyards.

Rubber Bracelets As Fashion Accessories

Rubber Bracelets — The Fashion Accessory Discovered By Columbus?

Rubber bracelets are increasingly fashionable today. They are light and durable (not to mention very affordable!). Whoever invented rubber should be given a medal (maybe made out of rubber). But you might be surprised at the fact that rubber didn’t come from some mad genius’s laboratory. In a way, rubber was discovered by the same person who discovered America. And that is, of course, Christopher Columbus.

Columbus actually “discovered” rubber in his second voyage to the New World, during his stay in Haiti. He noticed that the natives utilized extremely elastic balls for their games, far superior to the wind-balls the Spaniards used for sport. The balls were made from a sappy substance from the gum tree and cured over the smoke of palm nuts.

Although Columbus documented the use of rubber, it mostly bounced off the attention of the West until the 18th century, when reports arrived to Europe at how Native Americans used the substance to make waterproof shoes. Soon after, rubber was imported to England for the noble cause of erasing pencil marks!

Then the floodgates opened for all manner of use for rubber. In 1803, the first rubber factory was established in France, with the second one in England in 1820. However, it wasn’t until World War I that synthetic rubber was invented, by Germany. It remained costly, though, until World War II, when the United States, cut off from Asian rubber imports, was able to create cheap versions of synthetic rubber. Today, synthetic rubber accounts for about 60% of the world’s rubber production. It’s worth noting that the vast majority of so-called “rubber” bracelets today, including all sold by Direct Wristbands, are actually made from medical-grade silicone, not natural rubber.

So the next time you slide on any of your rubber bracelets, remember that it came to you by the brave journeys, discoveries, and insights of great explorers in history, from all continents.

Wrist Band Causes for June

Celebrate The Wacky Month of June With Wrist Bands!

In a past article, I wrote of the many odd causes observed in May, quirky themes that can be honored on wrist bands for a laugh (or maybe a cry). But be assured that June is just as eccentric. So before contacting Direct Wristbands for excellent customer care, take a look at some of these peculiar commemorations.

In June we celebrate National Bathroom Reading Month. It’s time to make sure your shelves next to the commode are stocked and organized (or maybe just get some shelves). This might seem odd, but not for many of us guys who acquire so much knowledge after dinner.

Speaking of food, and with summer taking a front row seat in the year, many wonderful fares are honored in June on different days. Some of these are iced tea, steak, and seafood. Oddly, it is also Turkey Lover’s Month, which would be better placed in November, but the time does coincide with the return of Renaissance Festivals.

Already being celebrated since May, but ending on June 17, we have National Smile Month. I am sure there are a lot of sore faces by now, except with many Hollywood celebrities who decided to go “plastic.” But a good complement to this and all the other celebrations is certainly Potty Training Awareness Month. I mean, after all that smiling, food, and building of shelves in the bathroom, many folks might have to remember a few “curbing” techniques. I’m sure babies know to wait until June to begin letting go of their diapers….

Oh, and this month we also celebrate National Candy Month. That makes everything better and in harmony, if you ask me.

So there are no excuses in finding a wild theme to commemorate on your wrist bands. And I’m sure July will have many other surprises.

Silicone Wristbands with Significance

Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands are modern-day jewelry with meaning. Any jewelry collector will tell you that their favorite pieces often signify something. More than precious metals or gemstones, these accessories hold value related to the giver, or to the time or place where the piece was purchased. Silicone bracelets, while crafted of a more practical material, are used to support causes and memorialize moments or events in one’s life.

Silicone Wristbands for Remembrance  

Ever tied a string around your wrist or finger, or scribbled a key word on your hand as a reminder of something? Maybe you needed to recall a phone number, an impromptu meeting or event you planned to attend, or something motivational on a difficult day. The string-tying tradition is an old trick that is thought to keep thoughts from escaping — they literally remain tied to you. And whether this is true is debatable, but one thing is certain — a symbol of any sort is a smart way to trigger remembrance.

 What Do You Want to Remember?

So what do you want to remember? Maybe you’d like to be more grateful, more patient, to drive more carefully, eat more healthfully, or to simply slow down and savor life. Silicone bracelets can help you reach those goals by giving you the visual cues you need when your ambitions escape you. But that’s not all these smart silicone bands can do. They also make great giveaways for the following purposes:

•    Baby showers
•    Corporate events, charities and fundraisers
•    Retirement parties
•    Birthday parties
•    Declaring engagements
•    Announcing a pregnancy or birth (It’s a Girl! or It’s a Boy! bands)
•    Congratulations
•    Sharing smart slogans
•    Fitness motivator

Order now!

Direct Wristbands makes ordering easy via our no-obligation free quote form. Fill it out and we’ll send a price quote and custom art proof right to your inbox. To speak with us directly, call 1-800-570-3260, Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., ET.

In today’s hurried society, it’s nice to have silicone wristbands to jog your memory or serve as mementos of life’s special moments!

Fundraising with Silicone Bracelets

Silicone Bracelets ROCK as Fundraisers!

When it comes to making a big impact and raising a lot of cash, there’s no substitute for silicone bracelets. Far more than just a fashion accessory, these simple, yet very powerful fundraising tools are remarkable. Costing only pennies apiece, they’re generally sold for $1 or more, making for a whopping return on investment.

What’s more, they serve as cost-effective advertising. There’s a reason so many large non-profit organizations use them to promote an event or raise awareness. They often serve as the cornerstone of a get-the-word-out campaign.

Your business can use these same promotional materials to spread the word about a new product or serve. They can also be used to reintroduce a service or product. Nothing rivals these marketing tools because they hold the key ingredient of advertising: reaching the widest and most diverse audience.

Colors abound and there’s practically no limit to what can be imprinted on them. Even better, there’s no minimum order and you can get them in as little as twenty four hours. Choose from unlimited color combinations, and have your company logo or a slogan printed right on them.

Your business can have a wide appeal because these little marketing  and promotional beauties are durable, they are quite comfortable, and they’re even hypoallergenic.

And if you’re part of an organization or group, these are the go-to fundraising tools you ought to be using. It’s why so many other causes have incorporated them in their fundraising activities. When people wear them, they spread the word and that makes other people want to be a part of the cause.

Strictly speaking, there’s no downside to using them for your business or as part of your fundraising. Get the word out and get some serious attention. Get your own silicone bracelets and see what your company or organization can accomplish!

Fundraising Lifesavers – Rubber Bracelets

Rubber Bracelets — A Fundraiser Lifesaver

The mood was grim in the museum conference room at the weekly staff meeting.

“You all know construction of the bounce room has gone over budget,” Director Barbara Thomas said. “We need to raise additional funds. I was thinking we might sell rubber bracelets to cover the added expenses.”

“Why not just ask the city for additional monies?” Naomi asked. “They’ve got a vested interest in making the science museum a destination location. There’s not anything like it for 300 miles. The expansion alone is guaranteed to put a lot back into the coffers, especially considering how much they charge for parking.

“Sorry Naomi, I sat in on the last budget meeting over at city hall,” Thomas responded. The council members made it clear the seed funds for our interactive expansion they initially invested would be the last.”

“Barbara, is it even remotely possible to get the money we need from the other backers?” Jay asked.

“I don’t see any way in which that would come to fruition” she answered.” Like the city, those backers made a one time commitment. We’ve got to raise the money on our own. I think my suggestion is the best route to go.

“It’s a great idea because it tells a story and continues a theme,” she added. “The new interactive areas have bouncing balls, the bounce room and the inflatable slides. The children learn about gravity, static electricity and basic physics. By selling bracelets, we tie right into the construction materials.”

“I agree, it’s a low cost, yet effective way of not only raising the extra funds we need to finish the project, but it’s like free advertising,” Jay said. “People in the community will get excited and have something that’s not only fun, but educational for their kids, nephews, nieces, and grandchildren.

“Okay, it’s settled then,” Barbara declared. “We’ll sell rubber bracelets to raise the money we need to finish the expansion. It’s the perfect solution.”  The group moved on, confident in their ability to raise the needed funds.